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Is The Bible Too Holy For Salvation?

Some argue the Bible is too holy for man's salvation. It takes away man's freedom. It instructs him to do what he can't do. It teaches him to reject what he enjoys. It requires him to stay in a non-loving marriage. It demands him to reject his opinion and accept the opinions of others. Those who aspire to these positions can't see the benefits the Bible supplies to those who receive salvation. The Bible acknowledges the repentant, baptized believers' adoption into the family of God with freedom from the bondage of sin (Rom 8:16, ASV). Furthermore, it imparts to the saved the Holy Spirit as a help-companion in life which serves as a guide (John 16:13, ASV). The "Bible-too-holy-to-save" sinners cannot see that the Bible pledges deliverance for those who are fearful of death (Heb 2:15, ASV). These people, the "Bible-too-holy-to-save" sinners, have shut their eyes, waxed their hearts and closed their ears to the comforter, or Holy Spirit which teaches all things (John 14:26, ASV).

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